Project: Mapping negative aspects of life in Europe
ask: semester 1

The general idea is to make a graphical diagram in the simplest way that could be understandable for everyone from the very beginning. I want to link different type of negative aspects of life with a data corresponding to each country to find and visualize some interesting anomalies, like a number of suicides in Ukraine in the year 2000.

I create seven layers of offset grids of points that refers to all 44 countries of Eastern and West Europe. Each layer contain data from different set of data, like land area, population, road traffic accidents, murders, suicides, alcohol use disorders deaths and drugs use disorders deaths. By drawing circle with parametrized radius corresponding to data number from the worldmapper’s table we can compare easily all layers by country or  countries by different layers. Thickness of each circle outline depends on the data layer to make the graph visible even in b&w graphic.