Project: Euro2012 integration pavilion
Location: Euro2012 cities
ask: semester 1

Project is about integration during EURO2012 around two countries (Poland – Ukraine), eight cities (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Kiev, Donietsk, Kharkiv, Lviv) and making parallel integral layout for every place where this event take place.

Every object works in different scale.
Global scale where important are transmission, physical connections between cities, wirtual connections, personal connections.

Every object release to different parameters which form the shape of the structure.
Global – City connections show connections with other cities and give direct for light illumination from the top of the structure to the city where the match is taking place.

City Connections like City center, Airport, Central Railway station, Central bus station, show directions from where participants mostly come.. This is point where structure is highest to make it visible from far.

Stadium Connections are more local and they are related to closest transport nodes like Metro station, Railway station, bus stop, tram stop, parking and they gives directions from where participants are coming in close relation to object.

The sum of connections gives unique parameters for every city.

This Object is related to Warsaw context.

It is related to local connections which form final parameters depending on pedestrian flows and directions of strategic points.

It gives entrances, axis of flows and characteristic points in the structure.

It gives plans and different functions on different levels of the structure.

The object works like closed loop of stairways with two entrances and functions around it’s vertical axis.

Functions are audiovisual hall, fan store, cafeteria with observation deck on top and drink bar on highest level.

Audiovisual hall gives possibility participants to connect in virtual way with other football fans around Euro2012 cities.

Virtual connection is provided by webcam capturing view from object and video projection from other cities.

Fan Store is space where participants can choose gadgets related to Euro2012 like t-shirts of their national team players. It works like closed movable circle buying system that follows loop’s path so the fan going upstairs chose its design and order it by clicking related button.

_Full Animation

_Final Posters

_3d Model (3d Printed)